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Sizing is as follows:
S (00-4) (Think Tween sizing)
M (4-6)
L (8-10)
XL (12-14)
2XL (16-18)
3XL (20-22)


Please remember that these are supposed to be very form fitting. They assist while working out to compress your muscles and give resistance during cardio or weight training. They are also bomb to use as spanx for your legs because they thin the lower body out nicely! The sizing is more precise as a result

The material is a Tagless 86% Poly/14% Spandex blend with moisture wicking technology!!! They also have a secure 6 stitch pattern that allows easy movement and so strong it is squat proof!!!

They include a 8 inch 6 stitched pocket on either side to keep your phone, keys and cash secure to your body during cardio!

They are like Spanx for your legs!!
-Wear them to work out
-Wear them to assist with better circulation
-Wear them to slim yourself out!
They are BOMB!