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#153- RTS- Turquoise Floral UNDIES ADULT

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Use this size chart

OS (2-10)
TC (12-18)
TC2 (20-26)
TC3 (28-32)

HIP- 1st style of women’s is a normal style hip-sitting pantie- the front rise from crotch seam to band is 6.5 inches
HIGH- 2nd is a high style for women that have had surgeries leaving scars that are sensitive/uncomfortable when panties rub or even sit on the area, front rise from crotch to seam is 8.75 inches
BOTH women’s styles will have a cotton liner in the crotch for extra protection/comfort there. 
Material is brushed 88% poly, 12% spandex. Lighter gsm at 200 to allow more breathability.